We're the IUCN Hornbill Specialist Group

There are 62 hornbill species in the world—32 in Asia and 30 in Africa. Currently, 26 of them are Globally Threatened or Near Threatened with extinction, with all other species listed as Least Concern, although some are poorly known. There are currently serious and escalating threats to these hornbills, including habitat destruction and poaching. Many taxa lack a global conservation strategy to address these threats.  We help guide such processes.

wreathed hornbill

Art for Hornbills

The Wreathed hornbill is a medium sized (75 – 90 cm) hornbill of the old-world tropical forests. Found eastwards from the foothills of Bhutan and the lowland forests of Bangladesh, its geographical range extends through north-east India, Myanmar, east to Vietnam and south across mainland southeast Asia and Malaysia to western Indonesia – Sumatra, Java, Borneo and a few of the smaller islands.