We're the IUCN Hornbill Specialist Group

There are 62 hornbill species in the world—32 in Asia and 30 in Africa. Currently, 26 of them are Globally Threatened or Near Threatened with extinction, with all other species listed as Least Concern, although some are poorly known. There are currently serious and escalating threats to these hornbills, including habitat destruction and poaching. Many taxa lack a global conservation strategy to address these threats.  We help guide such processes.

8th International Hornbill Conference

The 8th International Hornbill Conference will be held from May 22–24, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand.


Art for Hornbills

This painting by Shruti Sengupta was inspired by Dr. Aparajita  Datta’s work on seed dispersal by hornbills in North East India. This is an handmade acrylic painting of four species of hornbills and the seeds they disperse. It portrays the four out of five species of hornbills found in NE —Great Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Rufous Necked, and Brown Hornbill. It also portrays some of the fruits they eat and the seeds they disperse.