Art for hornbills

March 2022

Great Hornbill

About the artwork: Great Hornbills are charismatic birds of wet evergreen and moist deciduous forests. They are also habitat specialists and obligatory frugivorous birds. However, their abundance has directly been related to forest health and the ecosystem. Given their sharp decline owing to forest fragmentation and habitat loss, chances of witnessing them in wild are becoming thin. My motivation to paint the Great Hornbill is to make small efforts toward the conservation of this species and to further the forest. Besides, the process of painting gives me immense pleasure in understanding the colour of the feathers, type of casque, and their habitats. 

Not only the charismatic animals but all other sorts of animals have their own space and role in maintaining nature’s balance. Let’s come together and save the forest!”

Artist: Deepti Gupta is a PhD Scholar at the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. She is also a research biologist at Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural history, Coimbatore. She has worked in the Central Indian landscape for many years and wishes to continue her research in the same landscape. She has studied multiple aspects of these forests, from large carnivores to ungulates and floral community dynamics. She has a keen interest in painting wildlife, trekking and bird watching. 

Art medium: Colour pencils on paper.

Reference Photo: Shantanu Kuveskar (accessed through Wikipedia and permission of the photographer.

April 2022

Seed dispersal by hornbills

About the artwork: The art was inspired by Dr. Aparajita Datta’s work on seed dispersal by hornbills in North East India. This is an handmade acrylic painting of four species of hornbills and the seeds they disperse. It portrays the four out of five species of hornbills found in North East India viz. Great Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Rufous Necked, and Brown Hornbill. It also portrays some of the fruits they eat and the seeds they disperse.
Artist: Shruti Sengupta is a biologist interested in reptiles and amphibians. She is currently working as a senior researcher in IISc. She is inspired by the natural world and she wants to spread the joy of connecting with nature through her artwork. 


Art medium: Acrylic on paper.

February 2020

'Love Hornbill' Day

February 13 is ‘Love Hornbill’ Day – a date first chosen by Dr. Pilai Poonswad of the Hornbill Research Foundation, Thailand – to celebrate hornbills. 

Rohan Chakravarty did a cartoon series for the Critically Endangered Helmeted Hornbill. 

Thanks to the support from an IUCN SSC grant to the HSG.The objective was to ensure that people value of the species in the wild, its crazy unique features, and the pivotal role it plays in seed dispersal in forests. LOVE Hornbills and let them live and thrive in the wild.

The IUCN HSG thanks Rohan Chakravarty for sharing his poster to put up on this site. Rohan’s prints and merchandise can be ordered on and